Forum for Growth

Each year, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Forum for Growth brings together Members of Parliament and home building industry leaders from across Canada for a day on Parliament Hill to discuss housing, Canadians and communities. 

The federal government plays a key role in housing, and its policies help determine whether young Canadians and families can achieve their dreams of having a home of their own.
We meet to hear from MPs about their perspective on housing, and our leaders provide industry insights that can assist in developing informed and effective federal policies, going forward.

By sharing ideas about how best to protect affordability, we can work together to ensure young Canadians can find a place to call home.  We can make our communities stronger and more competitive. And we can create jobs and ensure the next generation of skilled workers is ready to continue building and renovating our cities and towns.

Housing matters – to everyone, in every community. It matters to the economy, and to the economic prosperity of Canadians. It’s a conversation worth having.